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In order to complete your order and ship it we have to do some verifications.  First, we are sorry for the inconvenience and the time it takes to do this, however, we have always supported 18 and up to purchase, even before it was required.  So we are going to embrace the way Texas wants us to do business so we can continue to help our customers in their journey of quitting and staying off traditional cigarettes.  


Please complete the form below and submit.  Upload a copy of your drivers license or passport.  You can black out or cover the Drivers License Number for security.  Your information will then be used to verify your identity through our identity verification secure service, once your verification is complete we will process your order.  In the event you do not complete the verification within 48 business hours your payment will be refunded to you.  THIS IS A ONE TIME VERIFICATION provided your shipping and billing address are the same each and every order.




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